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Neuro- Acupuncture Testimonials 


Victoria has gone above and beyond in her treatment for my neurological injury. She studied my specific case, utilized new and innovative protocols in my treatments and has helped me progress through my recovery. Each session I saw improvements through new muscle activation and movements.

I would highly recommend Healing Paradise for their knowledge, professionalism and quality care.

-Brenna P. 


I Suffered a stroke in January 2017. When I returned to the Chicago area in June, I had regained some walking and minimal use of my left arm and hand. However, I was extremely weak and had very poor balance. In addition, I was experiencing tremors and muscle spasms on the right side of my body, which had not been affected by the stroke . In addition, I had a nagging pain behind my left eye. My neurologist Had no idea why I was experiencing the tremors and Spasms, so I decided to try acupuncture. A google search uncovered Victoria’s practice in my hometown, Mount Prospect. So, in August I began a wonderful journey of recovery, thanks to this amazing healer. The stars must have been aligned because when I came to see Victoria for my first treatment she told me she had just registered for a course on Neuro Acupuncture with a well-known specialist in New Mexico. Since the very first treatment, I noticed a reduction in tremors and increased energy. In addition, the nagging pain behind my left eye is gone! She Has done several protocols to increase blood circulation and blood volume. They must’ve worked because I’m now walking on my treadmill 30 to 45 minutes a day and am not experiencing The dizziness Was so debilitating. Victoria continues to research and try new protocols for stroke recovery, for which I am very grateful At one point in my recovery, I was Experiencing Severe depression and anxiety,. When I lay down on her table, my whole body was shaking and I was in a full-blown panic attack,. Within a few minutes of being treated, I was calm and Feeling grateful again. I’m now using a cane very rarely and I’m able to walk on my own pretty well. No more tremors , dizziness, or spasms. The mobility in my left arm is significantly increased and I am pain-free! I always leave Victoria‘s office with a smile and a warm heart. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, healthcare practitioner. For anyone who has suffered a stroke, please contact her immediately! There is more and more research Showing that Acupuncture , Along with exercise, can definitely help in stroke Recovery. I can attest to this via my own experience with Victoria.


It is with great pleasure that I write a review for Victoria Sous. Victoria is truly the best! I suffered an anoxic brain injury in 2011 and unfortunately it left me wheelchair dependent. While my legs are strong and I can stand with the assistance of a walker, I've been unable to coordinate steps for walking due to lack of balance and endurance. I've had many years of physical therapy at several facilities, including some of the top-rated rehab places in the Chicago area. None of these places that specialize in brain injury has been successful in improving my coordination, balance or gait. They try the same thing over and over again, but there never seems to be anything new.

A couple of months ago, we found Victoria. She definitely knows just what to do! She individualizes her treatment during each visit in order to address the immediate needs. She is knowledgeable and so enthusiastic about her job and helping people. She literally got down on her hands and knees to help place my feet correctly as I walked the hallway in her office! Who does that?? She's not only an acupuncturist, but the best physical therapist out there! She never looks at the clock (like most doctors or therapists), but instead works tirelessly until the patient has received his maximum results for that visit.

After several visits, I am proud to say that I am walking! My gait, balance and endurance have improved. The quality of my steps are better as well. I am now taking a break from acupuncture and will check in with her once a month. I think I finally found the answer and I believe that I WILL walk (possibly unassisted) one day! I highly recommend neuro-acupuncture to anyone who has suffered a brain injury or stroke...and Victoria is the absolute BEST!! - Maureen D. 


Victoria has been treating my boyfriend after he experienced a stroke  April of this year.  He's 49 years old . He has had maybe five sessions and words cant explain his progress.  Not only that but her spirit and encouragement,  screams , professionalism,  and a caring heart. He had no feeling on his left side at all. Now he's able to move his hand and leg. Our goal is to get him walking again. Im now developing a friendship w/ this incredible young lady. Bernard ( boyfriend) also speaks highly of her!! Keep doing what you do , you're truly gifted!!!! - Paulette M 



I have been seeing Victoria for not only body acupuncture, but also neuro-acupuncture, which is needles in your scalp!  I had seen Dr. Jason Hao, who is a renowned specialist in neuro-acupuncture and is based in New Mexico. I wanted to continue that type of treatment and he recommended Victoria, as she has attended his training.
I have a lot of respect for Victoria.  She is very intelligent and also very caring - a great combination in a healthcare professional.  Neuro-acupuncture is very effective in treating issues involving the nervous system.  About five years ago, I had some major dental work done and I believe the dentist hit a nerve, which precipitated my trouble.  I developed tremendous pain in one tooth, and there was nothing the dentist could identify to fix it.  The nerve pain ended up spreading to all my teeth and I started waking up with terrible headaches and slight swelling on my face, which were diagnosed as referred pain, from my teeth to my head.  I have bruxism which means that I clench my teeth at night.  Nightguards did not solve the problem. Western medicine drs. have me on three different types of drugs that help with nerve pain (baclofen, duloxetine and gabapentin), which have all helped in their own ways but have not solved the problem.  The nerve pain has now affected my limbs. Dr. Hao and Victoria believe that my sympathetic nervous system has gone haywire, and needs to be calmed down.  Western medicine has no ability to get to the root cause - just drugs.
After my weekly sessions with Victoria, my head pain is more bearable for a time and I also notice that noise does not bother my head as much.  I am also able to get a better night's sleep. The knots in the muscles in my limbs are also helped by the acupuncture.   I cannot say that I have been cured, but I know that the acupuncture is keeping me going and able to be in the workforce (although I know it doesn't sound like it from my description of myself!!!) I am hopeful that with more treatment, the symptom relief will last for a longer period.  I would highly recommend Victoria's neuro-acupuncture to anyone who has any kind of nervous system problem.   
Victoria has also helped me with an elbow issue; several years ago, I injured it playing tennis.   With her treatments, I have noticed that the mobility in that elbow/arm is improving and I think it will now eventually heal. Other acupuncturists were not able to accomplish this for me. I know needles in your head sound painful, but it's actually not bad. Good luck with your healing and thanks much to Victoria. She goes the extra mile for me and I'm sure she will for you also. - T. m


I first saw Victoria Sous at the Mount Prospect library years back. Impressed by her acupuncture knowledge and presentation I kept her number. Last year I caught the Covid virus and my toes on my left foot were turning bluish. After a couple of months with the help of Victoria's treatments, they are back to normal. I was so impressed with her work that she went on to help me with my varicose veins' problem. This is still in progress but the differences I see is outstanding. I have memory issues and the virus made things worse. She is also helping me with this problem and I have already noticed my memory getting better. She is a true Healer and her prices are very reasonable. I feel like a whole new person thanks to Victoria and her pleasant assistant Bertha. - Joseph L. 


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