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We proudly accept Acupuncture Benefits for Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare. We also accept (HSA) Health Savings Account and (FSA) Flexible Spending Account for acupuncture appointments.



Blue Cross Blue Shield: In Network

United Healthcare: In Network 



 We will verify and explain your benefits before treatment, at no charge. Please call our office at (224) 307-4325 or email Please include the following:


A. Full Name and Date of Birth of Primary Insurance Holder

B. Full Name and Date of Birth of Person Requesting Acupuncture Benefits

C. Front and Back of Insurance Card





Questions To Ask When Inquiring About Acupuncture Benefits:


1. Has my deductible been met?


Typically, patients must meet a deductible determined by each individual plan before 

insurance can cover all or partial costs of the service.


2. Do I have a copay or coinsurance? 


Patients will either have a copay or will be required to pay a percentage of the treatment as dictated by your insurance plan once the deductible has been met. 



3. Do I need prior referral or authorization prior to receiving treatment?


Most plans do not need prior authorization or referral before receiving treatment. 


4. What diagnosis codes are covered under my plan?


Most insurance plans will only cover acupuncture for certain diagnosis codes or ailments. 



5. How many treatments will be covered under my insurance?


Each insurance plan has different allowed number of treatment visits per year. It will be detailed in your explanation of benefits. 











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