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Acupuncture for Pain Management Testimonials

I recently tried acupuncture with Victoria and I was amazed by the results. She was professional, and friendly, and made me feel at ease throughout the entire treatment. I noticed an immediate reduction in my pain and discomfort. I highly recommend it to anyone.-Aliya A.


Victoria is amazing! I have been dealing with back pain for years and after a session with Victoria, I always feel a great relief. I’ve done treatments in other places but honestly, I feel like Victoria has a magic touch, she is very talented.-Naima B



Victoria Sous is an extremely talented acupuncturist and all-around professional. I have for years suffered tremendous amounts of back pain that despite various chiropractors and traditional doctors still pains me until I started coming to her. My brother had suggested her services for my wife's injured knee, and so when I mentioned my own back issues Victoria proposed a different treatment than I have had before. Specifically at first, I decided to give it a try. Immediately I saw an improvement and was able to move about more easily and with substantially reduced pain. I have continued going to her for several months now and have incorporated her treatments as an important part of my recovery.


I can honestly say it was one of the better decisions I've made for improving my own health. While it may not be as well known as other forms of treatment it is well worth trying. Healing Paradise is a small office located off a busy road and can be easily missed. However, despite its compact size, it is undeniably peaceful with an atmosphere of light incense and soft zen music. From the moment where you are politely greeted at the desk there is a sense of calm and pleasantness that makes even the experience of sitting in the waiting room relaxing.


Both Victoria and her staff are beyond professional and it is clear that they care for each patient. This is exemplified in the in-office care and extends after each appointment. Patients receive check-up emails after their sessions to see how they feel. It is this little extra that really impresses me, and look forward to continuing my appointments with Victoria!- Andrew M.


This place is AWESOME! Victoria is AMAZING! I have been coming here now for over a year when I started coming here I was in constant pain due to a pinched nerve in my cervical spine, after many attempts at physical Therapy, cervical injections, and medication I decided to give acupuncture a try, it was the BEST decision I ever made And finding Victoria was wonderful, she is caring and compassionate with her patients, and very good at what she does! I would recommend her to all my family and friends that would like to try acupuncture because she is just simply amazing!-Judith P. 



If you're afraid of needles- COME SEE VICTORIA!! I have had several treatments for my lower back, bum shoulder, and tight hamstrings, and the young lady is a supreme miracle worker. I was also fortunate enough to schedule an appointment for my EIGHT-year-old daughter- Victoria made time, took absolute care of her, and relieved my daughter of the rib pain. She is absolutely the best around and Mt. Prospect is lucky to have her. Wish she was in the city more often- but she is worth more than the trip out there. Thanks so much, Ms. Victoria!!! This review is long overdue and wanted to tell you thanks again for your assistance.-Ray H. ​



Victoria is great at what she does. I went in with a pinched nerve in my lower neck area and had a hard time sleeping through the night. She diagnosed the problem and in 4 visits of acupuncture and cupping, she had me sleeping through the night. I'm so grateful that I found Victoria because I don't know what shape I would be in otherwise. I highly recommend Victoria because she always has you feeling better by the time you leave compared to when you arrived. Great Job!! Keep up the excellent work.-Dan N. ​


I first went to see this AMAZING Acupuncturist, Do Not Hesitate, I went for severe lower back pain and sciatica pain, To make a long story short, after four treatments I have no pain whatsoever, the moment I feel pain anywhere in my body I will be in to see Victoria immediately, there is no pain with the needles and you feel relief after just the first visit.-Mike P. ​


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