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      My Journey with Acupuncture


Empowered healing became a personal mission for Victoria after watching her parents battle kidney failure and multiple sclerosis their entire life. Week after week she attended appointments and watched how disease and Her experience with the moderm medical system's focus on treating the symptoms and not the whole disease as well as recognizing the shortcomings of a person's identity being linked to their ailment of disease made her vow to be a medical practitioner who focused on treating body, mind and spirit in order to promote healing. 


With this passion in mind, Victoria enrolled in Loyola University's undergraduate program where she truly felt Loyola's mission of treating the body, mind and spirit through a focus on exploring the different aspects of medicine. It is during her senior year of college, that Victoria's journey with acupuncture began when she started getting migraines. The migraines got consistently worse soon accompanied by symptoms of weight loss, fatigue, irritability, nausea and dizziness. These symptoms baffled western medical professionals and no medication seemed to help. Her doctors recommended that she try acupuncture and after a month of weekly treatments, the severity and frequency of my migraines lessened week by week until she no longer had any symptoms. Through research and weekly acupuncture visits, Victoria soon found the answer which she was looking for on how to provide empowered healing. This started her journey with acupuncture and she enrolled to obtain a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.




















How Healing Paradise Came to Be


As a Loyola University Chicago alumni, Victoria's education focused on fostering the body, mind and spirit within herself and others.  This  mentality translated to her post college job experience working for a child development soccer program as both a soccer coach and later as the Director of Marketing . Working to inspire children while attending grad school validated her calling to constantly nurture every aspect of a person to foster innate potential. She watched weekly the physical, emotional, social and cognitive  development of every child and I knew that is what I wanted for each and every one of my patients.


The skills she learned with her soccer players translated in patient centered care in the clinic with pediatric super hero inspired acupuncture treatments, color meditations and therapeutic music in ensure a holistic and calming environment. She wanted a practice that fostered empowerement of health decisions. Her vision for medicine is of collaboration not just the masking of symptoms but the treating of the whole body ".

"My vision for medicine is of collaboration not just the masking of symptoms but the treating of the whole body".

Let Healing Paradise Help You with Your Health Concerns


Make Healing Paradise your destination to take control of your health today. I offer the different modalities of acupuncture, tui nai, cupping, eastern nutritional counseling & gua sha to handle your most difficult health ailments.




"I want acupuncture to be an avenue of healing where an individual can leave balanced and in a state of paradise free from pain, discomfort, anxiety and stress".

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