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Several years ago went to an acupuncturist for help with carpal tunnel. It worked. So I knew what it could do for physical pain. I recently sought help from Victoria for general physical anxiety due to recent trauma in my life. I had no idea that acupuncture could be used to help the body to relax and re-energize itself.  She listened and prepared the proper treatment to address my body's needs. She consistently checks in with me to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and make adjustments for each visit. My body is slowly relaxing which helps me to think and reason a bit easier; and enhances the results of my chiropractic and exercise sessions. From the first time I met her, I found Victoria to be very approachable. Her only concern is for her patient and will do everything she can to ease a patient's pain and enjoy life as much as is possible.


I got so lucky when I happened to find Victoria after I moved to Chicago and was in need of an acupuncturist. Having been struggling with a complicated chronic illness for many years I’m always a little apprehensive about finding a new healthcare practitioner. All of those worries went away after my first session with Victoria. Not only did she listen and really take in everything that had been going on with me, but I knew instantly that she really cared about my wellbeing and was brainstorming all the ways that she could help me get better. I wasn’t alone on my path to wellness, she was right there beside me. Even between our weekly acupuncture sessions we were in communication about how I was feeling and responding to the previous treatment.


One of my main symptoms that I was experiencing when I first came to Victoria, were bad migraines and after a couple of treatments we starting seeing some great changes in the migraines, as well as the fatigue I was experiencing. Not only did I receive great acupuncture treatments from Victoria, I also looked forward to seeing her every week. Her positive attitude and professionalism made going in for treatments such a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Along with the acupuncture treatments, we also discussed other aspects of my life that could help in my recovery. We discussed diet, different techniques for relieving stress and even tried some aromatherapy. I never doubted the level of care I was receiving from her and always knew she was thinking about next steps and options for treatments. She always put my health first and I greatly appreciate everything that she has done for me!



I cannot thank you enough for the treatment. I believed I would feel a bit better after cupping and acupuncture, but I had no idea how much! The day you treated me, my lower back was in excruciating pain. This was causing me to tense up and create further pain in my upper back. I was so scared because I had to get on a plane and sit for 5 hours that day, then a week after that I had a 17 hour flight. Knowing the pain I just didn’t know how I was going to survive both flights. To my surprise I had immediate relief after your treatment, but it was long lasting. Happily I made it through both flights comfortably. Normally I fidget in my seat and have to walk around the plane for most of the flight, but this time I sat and enjoyed both flights.  Weeks later and I am still feeling great! You are truly amazing and I CANNOT wait for my next treatment!


Your patient for life,


Best Regards,


When I first started my acupuncture sessions, back in September, my stress levels were so high that my mind was foggy and I feared that the increased stress was what was keeping my weight stagnant. Even though I was in the middle of training for a marathon and running at least 4-5 times per week my weight was stuck at the same levels for months. I'd mentioned to you that the stress was so great that it was keeping me awake most nights and, in turn, making me even more stressed out. 


Well it's November and I'm happy to report a 50 percent reduction in my overall stress levels and I've seen a steady weight decline of about 1-2 lbs per week since starting acupuncture. I weighed in at about 210lbs when I started acupuncture and I'm now down to 199lbs, hitting my yearly weight goal to be under 200lbs. 


Acupuncture has been a life saver. It has increasingly gotten my body and mind in alignment by reducing my stress, giving me mental clarity and weight reduction. I'm equally grateful to you for always explaining the treatments that you're providing and how it's going to help me with my overall goals. You've put so much effort into my health and I'm thankful for your care.




Victoria is the best!  I got Bell's palsy (facial paralysis on the left side of my face) in mid-November. I was 90% paralyzed but she had me up and running in about a month. Thank you, girl!!! This was seriously the hardest time in my life since my eye wouldn't even close but acupuncture made a world of difference. Go see this lady, she's the best!


Hi ,

Victoria has been treating my boyfriend after he experienced a stroke in April of this year.  He's 49 years old. He has had maybe five sessions and words can't explain his progress.  Not only that but her spirit and encouragement,  screams , professionalism,  and a caring heart. He had no feeling on his left side at all. Now he's able to move his hand and leg. Our goal is to get him walking again. Im now developing a friendship w/ this incredible young lady. Bernard ( boyfriend) also speaks highly of her!! Keep doing what you do , you're truly gifted!!!!


So happy I found this place. Victoria does a great job and really listens to what your problems are and every week she adds to her treatment pushing your body to heal. She is honest and doesn't try to just keep you coming but checks in with you to see how it's going. So happy I found her. I highly recommend her.


This review is long overdue- I won’t ever be able to express how grateful I am to Victoria for the fertility acupuncture treatments. She was kind, supportive, and invested in my health. It was a difficult pregnancy with morning sickness and intermittent bleeding, I was amazed at how acupuncture and the moxa herb helped stop the bleeding and morning sickness. The result is my healthy baby girl! I am so grateful and I continue to see her for my general health and well-being. Thank you!!


This review is a long time coming! Victoria is kind, compassionate, and an extremely patient centered acupuncturist. I came to her for help with fertility. She closely monitored my cycles and used a combination of acupuncture and herbs to help me get a regular cycle. This took four months which I finally got pregnant. As a stressed out first time pregnancy patient, I knew she was a call away for my freak outs and constant checks ins to make sure my pregnancy was progressing smoothly. To show how truly dedicated she is, I called her at 9pm freaking out and left a sobbing voicemail (Blame the pregnant hormones LOL ). She called back despite being closed to answer my questions and stopped me from the bottomless pit of google search.She treated me throughout my whole pregnancy and treated my low back pain, morning sickness and anxiety during it! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to use acupuncture to help them get pregnant. Baby Emma will be making an appearance on your panda fertility baby wall soon!


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