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Maintenance Care

Maintenance care is continued care within your specific sweet spot. What's your sweet spot? It's the time that you can go between appointments before your body gets out of balance and trouble arises. Everyone's sweet spot is going to be different. A lot of our patients do best when they come in for monthly treatments, others can go 6-8 weeks between treatments, and a few folks only need to come in once every 3 months in order to feel great! We use this analogy a lot in the clinic: Most of us take pretty good care of our cars and bikes. We're conditioned to remember to get oil changes every 3,000 miles on our cars and tune-ups on our bikes at the change of every season. But when do we, as humans with bodies, get our own tune-ups?

Here at the top reasons we recommend Acupuncture Maintenance Appointments

1. Prevention. Your acupuncturist can see any problems you may be having before they become serious and cause your symptoms. Maybe your digestion is off, skin issues or feel like you’re running hot. While this may not seem like much to you, in Chinese medicine, these are signs that your body is beginning to get out of balance.

2. Improved Energy and Sleep: With the change in seasons and heading into the busy summer season, energy and sleep can take a hit. Keep your sleep and energy cycles regulated via a sleep reset or energy boost acupuncture protocol.

3. Anxiety and Depression: By regulating the vagus nerve, acupuncture helps decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression and helps you get back to enjoying summer.

4. Keep your body systems moving. Acupuncture is all about movement and smooth flow. Whether it’s your digestive system, menstrual cycle, emotions, or achy muscles and joints, keeping all systems flowing will prevent issues down the line.

5. Stress relief. I’ve been saving the best for last. Many people are surprised at how relaxing acupuncture is, and the relaxing effects can last days and even weeks after treatment. If your loved ones are beginning to describe you as easy to anger, irritable, or overwhelmed, …um, it’s time for some acupuncture.

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