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Veteran's Day

This Veterans Day I would like to send a tribute to all the fellow soldiers I know. Working with a fellow veteran Staff Sergeant Leo J. Gonzalez and being an acupuncturist who services our Veterans has been my biggest honor. May these words come from my heart to your ears with a big salute to you! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE Thank you for taking time away from your families to protect our country Thank you for going into battles that I may never know or understand only to come back with anxiety, depression, pain and mental health concerns. Thank you for your patriotism & loyalty. Thank you for the sacrifice it took to come home without some of your fellow brothers and sisters of war. May we thank the fallen and those that have returned home safe Today I would like to you know: I SEE YOU I HEAR YOU I UNDERSTAND Today I say thank you for your service and your sacrifice as when I truly stood beside you when battling your health concerns post war, did I see how big a sacrifice it was to you, your children and your friends and family. May you be honored and saluted not just today but every day. Happy Veterans Day!

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