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Find your ZEN this FALL

Autumn is the season of the lung and large intestine in Chinese medicine. It is a great time to support your lung and larger intestine health by eating nourishing foods and meditating on the mantra of letting go of what does not serve you. Although your emotional state and energy levels at this time of year can be affected by the decreasing levels of sunlight and a change in weather (particularly the dampness), an awareness of the nature of autumn will help you open your heart and embrace the season. Fall is a time to go internal and do some self-reflection. Most of us have had challenges that have affected us in different ways this year, and fall is the perfect time to honor those challenges and set expectations for the remainder of the year.

Here are some helpful ways to do that :

Make lists of autumn priorities and goals The metal component of autumn incorporates organization, boundary setting, and communication. To set yourself up for success, write down a list of what you want to prioritize in the season and what habits you wish to form to help gain clarity on what truly matters and what you can let go of. This could mean establishing a new exercise routine, finishing a creative project, figuring out how to spend more time with friends, or saving up for a car or vacation. Whatever it is, use your list as a guide to help you stay focused on what truly matters.

Wear scarves and sweaters With the chilly temps approaching, it’s never a bad idea to keep a sweater and scarf on hand. TCM experts also say they’re particularly important for the Lung organ since this organ is the first line of defense against cold, wind, germs, and bacteria. Protecting your chest and neck with an extra layer of warmth will guard the Lung organ so it stays healthy and active throughout autumn.

Journal daily In order to properly grieve — whether letting go of the summer months or another event in life — writing your thoughts down is a helpful tool to practice letting go. Writing for 20 minutes first thing in the morning is a great act of purification and cleansing, a major theme of the autumn months. By honoring the fall season's mantra, we can remain clear and directional for our own goals and current needs of this season.

Eat warm foods Fall is the perfect time to step away from crisp and raw ingredients and make the switch to eating warm, cooked foods. You can start with simple swaps, like oatmeal for cold cereal or warm tea for iced coffee, and then trade raw salads for oven-roasted root veggies for larger meals. When you’re cooking, add in pungent foods that benefit the Lung organ, such as onions, ginger, garlic, or mustard. If you want something sweet, stick to seasonal fruits like apples, pears, figs, and persimmons.

The following is a list of foods and supplements to support the lungs and the large intestine during the autumn season. 


  • Flax seeds

  • Omega 3 fatty oils

  • Probiotics

  • Warm water and lemon

  • Dried fruits

  • Oatmeal

  • Chia seeds


  • Pears

  • Water Chesnuts

  • Cauliflower 

  • Lotus root 

  • Almonds

  • Yuca


  • Mustard Greens

  • Dandelion leaves

  • Eliminate dairy, sugar, and wheat

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